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Customised Chrsitianity

The Word is for you to use to shape your life and the world around you. God and His Word are all encompassing, everything you need is inside it, inside you. Jesus would’ve been born only for you, Jesus would’ve died only for you and risen again all just for you. And that’s why Christianity is so unique and beautiful.

When you are born again, we are all in Christ, yet we each have our very own personal relationship with Him through The Holy Spirit. You are custom made, one of a kind and the way you influence and impact the world may be different to how someone else who is also a Christian does. That’s the customisation – your personal relationship with God and the fact that you may be the only person to carry out specific tasks endorsed by Him.

You are custom made.

What you don’t want to end up doing is using The Word to try and justify the worldly or the carnal things in life. That’s customisation gone wrong. Have some (ALL) respect for yourself and for God.

God’s Word isn’t for us to pick and choose what we think is right or wrong and then run with it.

Just because you decide to make something “Christianity”, doesn’t make it so.


I had done this before in the past: choosing to only understand what I wanted and ignoring other parts. The problem with this is that pretty soon, things start to fall apart… because I wasn’t living true to who I am. 

I had made my own version of how things should be done – some contrary to God’s word and allowed myself to live an incomplete life.  But, if we’re in Him then we are all in, 100%! I had to talk to myself seriously, because things just weren’t adding up anymore. 

Do you ever feel like that sometimes? Like ‘What’s the difference?’ That everything is ‘just fine’ – but that’s it. You know there’s something missing or not quite right, but you ignore it because everything it seems like the “usual” ups and downs? There’s a disconnect between who you are and how you’re living.

Don’t live a life of inconsistencies.

The thing is, as Christians, we’re not meant to live a life that’s just “okay” – just cruising through. 

It doesn’t make sense to live a life less than you’re destined for.

When you truly see the path that God has for you, you’ll realise why to think better of doing things your own way.

Upgrade your thinking, upgrade your knowledge, upgrade your life.

This coming year, 2021 – be decided in letting God take control. Focus on His word, so you can be in tune with Him and be intelligent in the things that concern you. You won’t be trying to do things your own way when you have divine insight. 

This life that we live, is not about being a Christian when it suits us. Let Christ have dominion over your spirit, soul and body. The more importance you give to Him and His word in your life, the more His divine will and purpose are revealed to you and His divine nature works in you accordingly.

Keep Shining & Winning!✨👑


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