Blogpost · What do you say?

What is inside of you? 

Oh, I’ve never had a boyfriend
And no, I’ve never been kissed –
Yet to ‘Everyman’, I seem to lose myself a bit.
Searching for a love that can make me complete,
Even though in me I have the one that none can defeat.
I’m searching for a touch so warm and strong
And yes, I know my hands were made to lift –
So I say: I’m good, I’m not looking, I’m not searching,
I’m content.

But, my mind is racing with thoughts that I should not have
Memories of experiences flooding my mind that I have not had –
Longing for someone to confide in.
I tell myself “In me is the comforter”
Still I scroll through whatsapp, scan through snapchat
To find something, to find someone, to feel anything –
Whilst confessing that I’m not moved by my feelings,
Yet, here I am, entertaining these ‘demons’…


Written by Anon. 

The writer has chosen to be anonymous for now, but I love this poem as I think it describes the feelings and thoughts of a lot of youth today, especially those in Christ. We know who we have, and we talk right, we just have to remember to act on The Word too and not entertain the things of the world. 

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