The Song that’s been in my heart this week is ‘Stayed on You” by Eben.

Like I said in my ‘Be Prepared’ post, it’s so easy to fall back into the routine of being too busy for God.

And starting lectures this week showed me just how easy it could be actually. Almost made this mistake, but I thank God I pulled myself out of it before I became too comfortable with not praying everyday or spending time with Him everyday.

When I felt like I was drifting or becoming distracted, I would sing this song until I would start speaking in tongues or just to remind myself that God is my main focal point.

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed or becoming distracted just sing this song and remember He alone is God and worship and praise Him for everything that He is and all that He has made you to be. When you focus on Him all those feelings and things not of The Spirit just seem to fade away…

Keep Shining & Winning✨👑

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